S.T. Dupont


Premium fountain pen

ModelPremium fountain pen
MaterialBronze yellow gold plated and black lacquer
TrimBronze yellow gold plated
Nib18 Kt. two tones gold
Filling SystemCartridge-converter
Pieces Produced888
List€ 1.305,00
Europe Price€ 1.175,00
Outside Europe Price€ 963,00
Approximately USD$ 1.134,00


The phoenix is the second of the most well-known and revered mythical beasts in Chinese cosmology. The phoenix was traditionally associated with the Chinese empress, but was available for use by all women. In the Chinese tradition, the phoenix is an enormous winged bird that dwells immortally in the highest regions of heaven. The phoenix comes to earth to presage great events for human beings.

In the more modern interpretations of Chinese symbolism, such as the practice of feng shui, the phoenix can be used as a symbol of one's greatest aspirations: the birth of a child, the accomplishment of a formidable task, the building of a lasting monument, and so forth. The phoenix can thus be depicted in areas of the home where the impetus to create or accumulate the greatest treasures in life occur. This might be social spaces, the master bedroom, music rooms, studios, libraries and home offices.

The ST Dupont Phoenix limited_appoggio Edition gives th